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[UPDATE] Upgrade Machine

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Hey everyone, here is some information for our most recent content update, it's a big one for sure!

**UPDATED 9.17.2020 WITH 20 NEW ITEMS!!


Normal Justiciar Pieces ---> Blood Justiciar Pieces

Supreme Void Pieces ---> Sirenic Pieces

Blood Twisted Crossbow Skin ---> Blood Twisted Bow Skin

Abyssal Whip ---> Abyssal Tentacle

Abyssal Tentacle ---> Abyssal Whip (blood) **NEW

Twisted Bow ---> Superior Twisted Bow

Superior Twisted Bow ---> Blood T Bow **NEW

Blood Twisted Bow ---> Seren Bow **NEW

Seren Bow (Perk skin added) ---> Owner's God Bow **NEW

Abyssal Whip (Blood) ---> BloodKnight Whip

Infernal Staff (i) ---> Sanguinesti Staff

Dominion Crossbow -> Twisted Crossbow

Scythe of Vitur ---> Blood Scythe of Vitur

Boogie Bow ---> Blood Boogie Bow

Zamorak Godsword (or) ---> Kril's Swords

Primal Rapier ---> Ghrazi Rapier

Gem of Fortune ---> Gem of Dwarves 50% chance!! **NEW

Gem of Dwarves---> Gem of Hazelmere 50% chance!! **NEW

Ring of Wealth ---> Ring of Wealth (i) 50% chance!!

Ring of Fortune---> Ring of Fortune (i) 50% chance!!

Ring of Fortune (i) ---> Ring of Dwarves 50% chance!!

Ring of Dwarves---> Ring of Dwarves (i) 50% chance!!

Ring of Dwarves (i)--->Hazelmere's Ring 50% chance!!

Hazelmere's Ring --->Hazelmere's Ring(i)  50% chance!! **NEW

Fire Cape ---> Infernal Cape

Slayer Key (Tier 4) ---> Infernal Key

Turmoil Mystery Box ---> Blood Mystery Box

Mystery Box ---> Blood Mystery Box

Coloured Party Hats ---> Light Blue Sparkling Party Hat

Lava Party Hat ---> Infernal Party Hat

Infernal Party Hat ---> Fire Party Hat

Ancient Sword ---> Etheral sword **50% CHANCE!! **NEW

Etheral Sword ---> Owner's sword **NEW

Torva set armour pieces ---> Third-age corrupted Torva set **NEW


We will be updating this list as we add more items, feel free to share any upgrade ideas via the Discord #Suggestions channel!

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