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Turmoil Update Log - W/C 7th June 2020

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Update Log | Week Commencing: 7th June 2020


          | Key |

- Fixed

- Pending (reason)

- Can't be fixed


Further to the updates implemented last week, we have managed to smash out a few more updates that will see a rise in QOL amongst the Turmoil players. We're again mainly aiming to get rid of any bugs that may cause multiple new players the same problems as we do have the desire to make the game enjoyable. Not all of the bug fixes worked but I'm happy with the progress so far and will update this thread as things get fixed. In the upcoming weeks we will definitely be introducing more content and we definitely have the tools to do so - it's just a matter of time!

Watch this space and thank you for continuing to play!

Updates so far:


Player vs Monster (PVM):

Shattered Worlds ; 

- The final boss 'Shadow Beast' now only has a max hit of 30. 

- The rewards chest providing Party Hats was not fixed as per the last update, it will be looked into again.


Theatre of Blood ; 

- The Boss enemy in the fourth room now spawns as per the other rooms.



Weapons ;

- Removed bug where the majority of weapons had Multi-hit and Multi-target abilities.

- Korasi's Sword has now been buffed - extra Magic Attack Bonus (Set incorrectly) and Base Melee Bonus.

- Infernal Weapons have now been added to the Infernal Chest.

- The Infernal Chest's Turmoil Box Drop-rate has now been nerfed (Didn't seem to update)

The Infernal Chest has had a useless item added (Infernal Eel) to help balance the economy.


Armour ;

- The Dagon'Hai Hat has been nerfed to match the stats of OSRS. (Didn't seem to update)


Miscellaneous ;

- Vials now auto-break once the doses have been depleted.

- The Looting Bag's home area has now been re-assigned, it now opens in the new Home and not Edgeville (old home).

- The Giant Pouch's Drop and Inventory Icon have now been changed.

- The bug causing the client to crash when asking for a Giant Pouch from the Mage of Zamorak has now been fixed.



- The Rewards for prestiging whilst already maxed have now been nulled to match the single 99 rewards as per last Update Log.



- The General Store has now been fixed so that you can sell PVM items to it for a better price that the General Supplies store. 

^ (The Valued price in Chatbox will be low but it will sell for x6 the Valued price)

^ (Works for some items, but not all, seems to be mainly Jewellery that do not work, as well as Godswords)

- The Bounty Hunter Points Store has now been fixed.

^ (Pending another update, current prices incorrect)

- The PK Points Store has now been fixed and implemented (in the Bounty Hounter Points Store)

- The Ironman Store has now been fixed so that Ironmen can sell items to it. (Didn't seem to update)


- Santa has now been removed from Home, as well as the Christmas Ornaments. (Didn't seem to update)

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