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Server QOL Updates [2.1.20]

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Pvm Updates:
- You can now teleport directly to your slayer task monster!
    -Simply click on the slayer skill icon in the skills to be teleported to your task!

- Requirements for ice strykes have been removed.

- Ranged Prayers damage % boost increased to make ranging more effective.
    -Eagle eye from 15% to 20%. 
    -Rigour from 20% to 25%.

- Void gear + Supreme Void gear will now be more effective in all forms of combat.
    -Can be obtained via Pest Controll Minigame.

- Revenant's drops have been buffed.
    -6 new Mystery Boxes have been added to drop table.
    -Also have added Overloads to the Uncommon drop table.

- Twisted Bow is now more effective! 
    -Max hit raised from 47 to 69! (without prayer or potions) 
    -All Twisted Bow's with perks will also have an increased max hit. 
    -Twisted Crossbow is now also effected by this.

Skilling Updates:
- Clicking the Runescafting skill in the skills tab will now teleport you to the abyss! 
    -Rune essence rocks added on the north side of the castle!

- Clicking the Hunter skill in the skills tab will now teleport you to Puro-puro.
    -You may catch the imps barehanded starting at level 1.
    -Rewards varrie from Myster Boxes to Donator Points (at higher levels).

-Fishing, Woodcutting, and Agility have increased XP rates.

Other Updates:
- Keys, Boxes, Dragon bones, Superior dragon bones, Overload (4) and regular logs are now stackable.


Let me know what other updates you would like to see in our discord!

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