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Clue Scrolls

1 step clues to each clue scroll.
These clues will either be Co-ordinate, Riddles or Emote clues depending on the clue.
There are now Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master clues to be obtained.
Easy clues are obtained from low level monsters (Lvl 1-30)
Medium clues are obtained from medium level monsters (Lvl 30-75)
Hard clues are obtained from higher level monsters (Lvl 75-200)
Elite clues can only be obtained from Bosses.
Master clues have 2 ways to be obtained:
1 way is to trade an Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite clue to Watson at the home area.
The second way is to collect 3 pieces of the master clue scroll dropped by high level monsters (Lvl 200+)
All clue scroll information was taken from: 
Players can dig up to 4 tiles in any direction around the correct position to reveal the rewards
New clue scroll items have higher sell values when selling to shops or alching
Lvl 1-50 monster drop easy clues, 50-100 drop medium clues, 100-200 drop hard clues, Bosses lvl 200+ drop elite clues rather than a hard clue
All bosses have a 1:500 chance to drop 1 of the 3 pieces of the Master clue scroll, combining them will create a full Master clue
Elite clue scrolls have been added to the Barrows droptable as an uncommon reward
Clue caskets are stackable


Players can also speak with Watson at home to exchange clue scrolls
Easy, Medium & Hard clues will give an Elite clue
Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite clues will give a Master clue
New Rewards:
Guthix, saradomin, zamorak, armadyl, ancient & bandos dhide shields
Shoulder parrot (arrow slot), Jesters cape, Demon feet, Frog slippers, Mole slippers, Bear feet, rune scimitar god ornament kits, sandwich lady outfit, staff of the bob cat, rainbow, ham joint, amulet of defence (t), amulet of power (t), cape of skulls, black platebodies h1-h5, gold trimmed leather top and chaps, monk robes (t)
adamant platebodies h1-h5, spiked manacles, wolf mask, wolf cloak, Climbing boots (g)
3rd age plateskirt, Berserker necklace (or) kit, dual sai, thieving bag, rune platebodies h1-h5, rune defender (or) kit, obby maul (or) kit
3rd age sword, 3rd age wand, 3rd age bow, 3rd age cloak, Uri's hat, Giant boot, Freminnik kilt, Rangers tights, gilded pickaxe, gilded axe, gilded spade, gilded dhide, addy + rune dragon masks
3rd age druidic robes, 3rd age druidic cape, 3rd age druidic staff, tormented ornament kit

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