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Blood Mystery Box

The blood mystery box can be purchased from the bloodmoney shop for 30k bloodmoney each or the donator store for 3 donator tokens each.
Players have chances for several unique items such as the Necrolord staff, Bloodknight armor & Dragonfire shield (e).

Chaotics reworked

~Chaotic weapons will now have a Chaotic Fury perk which applies a secondary hit for up to 3 hits dealing 50% of the   players max hit.

~The Chaotic shield will have a 1:5 chance to activate its Chaotic Force perk, protecting players for 100% of all damage   taken.
Bloodknight Armor
Bloodknight armor is a Tier 72 set of armor with similar stats to the Primal equipment.
For each piece equipped, players have chance to syphon 5%, 10% or 15% health from a monster to themselves
depending on the amount of armor pieces equipped will determine the chances of siphoning. (1 piece = 1:20, 2 pieces = 1:10, 3 pieces = 1:5 chances).
Only obtained in the Blood Mystery Box.
The Bloodknight helmet has glowing green particles for its eyes.
Dragonfire Shield (e)
An upgrade from the Dragonfire shield only currently only obtained from the blood mystery box.
Offers a slightly higher defence and strength bonus compared to the dragonfire shield.
Provides up to 2x damage when using charges (maximum 50 for dfs e).
Provides 25% more protection against dragons breath.

Necrolord staff

Stats similar to the Chaotic staff
Provides a 25% boost in magic damage when fighting undead or corrupt monsters or bosses (Check the guides section of the forums for the list of corrupt monsters)
The staff is a 1 handed staff so the boost can be combined with the Tome of Fire (50% boost towards magic spells)
Pet Mystery Box
The pet mystery box has a chance for tons of pets from slayer pets to boss pets and also a few exclusive pets only found in the box!

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