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Shooting stars

Players can now mine Shooting stars which crash every 30-90 minutes. 
When the star crashes, the location will be announced to the whole server.
Shooting stars offer some of the best XP gains while mining + is very rewarding.
Players can exchange 300 Stardust(May be adjusted depending on player feedback) for Stargaze boxes which have chances to give them some unique items:

Stargaze rings

There are 3 kinds of Stargaze rings. These rings provide stats comparable to the Dagganoth Rings (i).
These rings will provide a droprate increase + Dmg increase for Wyrms.

Starsprite Pickaxe

This pickaxe will mine rocks at a faster rate than all current pickaxes in game.
It will provide a 3% boost to XP while mining.

Stargaze perk box

Use this item on the Crystal pickaxe to create the Stargaze pickaxe.

Stargaze Pickaxe

This pickaxe will mine rocks at the same rate as the Crystal pickaxe.
It will provide a 6% boost to XP while mining.

Pet Star sprite

While mining the star with either a Starsprite or Stargaze pickaxe, players have a 1:500 chance to find a pet star sprite when breaking through to a new layer.
This pet will provide a 5% XP boost while mining.

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