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  • --Items you can receive from the crystal chest at ::home and ::dz---


*The chance of receiving a common and uncommon drop at the donator zone is slightly higher than at home. Rare drops are not affected.

Along with the Loot, players will receive 1 x uncut dragonstone per chest opened


Common Items 89% chance ||  Uncommon Items 11% Chance
1 rune platebody

1 rune platelegs

1 rune kiteshield

1 rune full helm

1 rune 2h sword

1 draggon dagger

1 dragon longsword

1 dragon battleaxe

1 dragon med helm

1-50 bronze bars

1-50 iron bars

1-50 steel bars

1-35 gold bars

1-25 mithril bars

1-15 adamant bars

1-7 rune bars

1-100 copper ore

1-100 tin ore

1-70 iron ore

1-100 coal ore

1-15 grimy ranarr

15 raw sharks
100,000-1,000,000 coins

3 crystal keys

1 medium clue scroll

1 dragon boots

1 dragon longsword

1 dragon battleaxe

1 dragon scimitar

1 shield right half

10 super restores (3)

10 saradomin brews (3)

15 cooked karambwan

20 sharks

1 XP Lamp

Rare Items
• 1:50 chance for Mystery Box
• 1:110 chance for Abyssal Whip
• 1:200 chance for Draconic Visage



Ultra Rare items (0.016% chance)
1 in 6000 chance to obtain a partyhat!!!

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