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Hello new players, welcome to Turmoil RSPS. This will be a guide on Npcs & objects around the home area and where to start/what do do in the beginning of your journey.:classic_smile:


 -Disclaimer- This guide will be mainly be for normal accounts but there is some information for Ironman.


TABLE OF CONTENTS - To skip to where you'd like to read.
1.  Fresh account (type and exp rates) & Teleporter info
2. Fishing, Cooking, Thieving & Mining (A little bit of starter information)

3. Center NPC information (donor shop, point shop, infernal chest, clarkeh, well of goodwill & mac)
4. NPC information *North*(Bank booths, Vote shop & Grace)
5. NPC information *West*(Bh/Pkp shop, Slayer masters, Slayer chest, Nurse, Combat/Magic shops, Skillcape shop, General store and Ironman shop)
6. NPC information *East*(Runecrafing npc, Crystal chest, Furnace, Anvils, Altar, spellbook altar, and RFD minigame)
7. Starter guide (Combat related)
8. Extra useful information
9. Donor information
10. Feedback


Fresh accountYou will log in here and choose if you want to play a normal account, Ironman, Hardcore Iron man or Ultimate Ironman. You will also be able to choose which type of exp rate you'd like to play on. Classic x5, Extreme x15, or Normal x30.


The first thing i would recommend doing is getting use to the Teleporter that is in the middle of the home area it looks like this.  


There are multiple tabs of teleports to many locations.



Now depending on what you started with, Normal or Ironman. You can go many ways, skilling or pvm. One thing id recommend on any type of account is starting with thieving for starter gp. Directly south of the ::home location you will find Thieving stalls, Bank chest, Cooking range, Fishing npc(with fishing locations around the pond) and Mining rocks south of the Thieving stalls.

Thieving Stalls + Npc (sell stolen items to npc for GP), Fishing & Cooking and lastly Mining



Back to the center of the ::home loaction where the teleporter is. There are 10 different npcs \ objects you can interact with.(These 7 will be on the north side of the teleporterDonator shop + Limited time shop, Daily task manager, Point reward shopTurmoil Database(Daily rewards, Drop table & Achievements), Infernal Chest and lastly Clarkeh.


Now on the South side of the Teleporter is Mac, Gertrude & The Well of Goodwill.


Now to explain some of these Npcs.

Donator shop - Keys & Boxes, Perk Items (exp scrolls & $ scrolls), Equipment, Custom Items & Cosmetics


Limited time shopLimited time donation items and Limited time in game Gold items ( Limited time shop changes frequently)


Points Reward shop - Has many items you can purchase with Pvm points (obtained from killing any mob in the game each kill = 1 point) Boss points from killing bosses, Skilling points from doing various skills, and Blood money (obtained from pvm caskets, random drops, raids and skilling)


Clarkeh - Npc that upgrades your starter armor after you have gained a total level of 1000. He gives you Tier 2 Turmoil armor.

Infernal ChestYou use Infernal Keys on the chest obtained from either Donating $10 a key, or getting as a rare drop from killing any mob in the game or boss. There are 3 pieces of the key, 1, 2 and 3. Rewards - Coins, Blood money, Dagon'hai robes, God bows, Infernal armor(Colossal) and Infernal weapons (Bow, Sword, Warhammer and Staff) 


Mac(left side) - Sells Max capes


 Well of Goodwill(right side) - Can donate specific items and or Gold pieces to the well for 50% bonus exp or double drop rate for the entire server for 1 hour.


Now that the center area is finished we can move forward to the inside of the home area.

Directly north of the Teleporter is the bank booths, Vote\pkp npc, Vote point shop and Grace(agility npc)


Grace - Takes you to agility courses & grace point shop



West of the Bank booths is the Bounty hunter/pkp npc, Nurse(heals hp, special bar, removes poison/venom and restores prayer), Slayer masters & Slayer chest


Bounty hunter/pkp shop

Slayer shop & chest information

chest.png.9ff6e05121ef2174266e891601b1b816.png ChestSlayer keys Tiers 1-4 have a chance to drop from your current slayer task. More information below


Slayer shop- Items cost slayer points gained from completing tasks.


Now directly south of the Slayer masters is a Combat supply shop and Magic combat tutorCurrently they both offer the exact same items so you can go to either or.


Now Directly south of the Magic combat tutor is the Wise old man(Skillcapes), Ironman shop and General store(All of the starter tools will be offered in both of these shops.)



Going to the east side of home you will find the runecrafting npc named Mage of Zamorak, Crystal Chest and a furnace with two anvils beside it.


Directly south of the Furnace and Anvils you will find an Altar(to restore prayer or use bones on for prayer exp). A Spellbook altar(to change to Ancients or Lunar spells). Two Combat dummies(to see your max hit). A bank chest, and the RFD mini game for the metal gloves + barrows gloves.



Now that all the Npcs are covered we can go into an actual starter guide. Listed above i noted that a great start is going with thieving for a decent amount of Gp to buy potions, food, runes, etc. If you are a type of runescaper who doesn't enjoy skilling at least starting out. A great start would be getting a nice baseline of combat stats starting out at rockcrabs. You can find them in the first tab of the Teleporter


After you get a nice baseline of combat stats i would recommend training the rest of your levels with slayer(Location of slayer masters listed up in section 5). Reason being during slayer tasks you have a chance to receive slayer keys. Also having a nice variety of mobs to kill will make training up to level 99 / 200m xp fun. Being able to get extra loot from keys, and the chance at receiving the slayer outfit that gives bonus damage and accuracy is also a benefit of doing slayer.
63bf5077b3ae191db42dd3ce79b40f96.png-Slayer Keys(Tiers 1-4)
slayar.png.452f492ee36bd2f32b669ecfabc01f2e.png-Slayer outfit 


Other useful information about your user interface will be the Quest tab, Magnifying glass tab, and Clan chat

The Magnifying glass offers information about drop tables, setting player titles, the Discord channel, forums, Youtube channel and guides.

The clan chat is the servers "help" chat and general discussion chat that is used by majority of the player base. Any questions asked in chat should be answered pretty quick and there should always be people willing to help.

Donor information - You can obtain donor status from either buying tokens off the website($1 per token) or earn tokens from buying off other players for in game gold, getting donor tokens as drops from bosses (very rare), winning events that give tokens, $10 scroll from a mystery box(very rare) or voting everyday (1 token costs 100 vote points). Below will be a picture of the perks you get from having donor status.

Donor zone - Command for getting to the donor zone will be ::dz. Every skill you are able to train here will give increased exp. There currently is spots for thieving, mining, fishing, woodcutting, firemaking, smithing and prayer. You can also train afkables at the bank booths to gain the increased exp in the donor zone. Also there is 3 portals in the donor zone that take you to many places.
Yellow - Same as the teleporter at home
Green - Teleports you to a special dungeon that contains 5 Thermonuclear smoke devil bosses. (good for slayer task)
Purple - Special teleporter only in the donor zones - see picture below -

-PLACE HOLDER- For Elite donor zone + future donor zones-


Now that you are to the end of the guide i hope i was able to give some insight and help at least someone with this information. Feel welcome to leave comments on what you think could be changed / added. If i missed anything or have any spelling that needs to be corrected. If you have any other questions feel free to message Player supports, Mods or Admins on the server.

Good luck on your gains
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(Just my opinion) 

But I would remove this until you've edited it so it doesn't say Valius all over it, and names of their staff.

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