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  1. Hey Y'all! Summer here. I just thought I would drop this here as I go for every drop in-game. If I am missing anything please do let me know! PS: I know Thread ugly af, I will fix later. Gotta get back to pvm grind! Green = Drop Received Yellow = In Progress Purple = Not Yet Starter Zone: Elder Mystery Box Flameburst Bowstring Flameburst Bow Flameburst Blade Flameburst Hilt Flameburst Staff handle Flameburst Staff Head Occult Helm (0/3) Occult Platebody (0/3) Occult Platelegs (0/3) Boots (0/3) Monsters Mithirl Dragons Dragon Fullhelm Rune/Addy Dragons Dragon Platebody parts (0/3) Demonic Gorilla Zenyte (0/4) Heavy Ballista Frame Light Ballista Frame Ballista Limbs(0/2) Ballista Spring(0/2) Monkey Tail(0/2) Drake Dragon Fishing Rod Dragon Thrownaxe Drakes Tooth Drakes Claw Wyrm Dragon Knife Dragon Harpoon Wyvern Granite Boots Granite Long Ancient Wyvern Shield Cave Horror Black Mask Abby Demons Whip Dark Beast Dark Bow Bosses Hydra Hydras Heart Hydra’s Eye Hydra tail Hydra’s Fang Hydra leather Hydra Heads Hydra’s Claw Graddor Bandos Mask Hilt BCP Tassets Boots Kril Hilt Kril’s robetop Kril’s Robebottom K’rills Hat Krils swords Ziliyana Sara Sword Arma Cbow Sara Hilt Kree Arma Mask Hilt Arma Helm ACP Arma Chainskirt Zulrah Tanz Fang Magic Fang (0/2) Serpentine Visage Onyx Dragon Halbard Tanz Mutagen Magma Mutagen Jar of Swamp Skotizo Darklight Kodai Insignia Vorkath Blue Dragon Wings Vissy Skeletal Visage Vorkath Plate Vorkath LEgs Vorkath Boots Vorkath Gloves Vorkath Head Lizard Shaman Dragon warhammer Cerberus Primordial Crystal Eternal Crystal Pegasian Crystal Jar of Souls Smouldering Stone (0/2) Kraken Trident Tentacle Jar of Swamp Sire Abyssal Dagger Bludgeon (1/3) Obliteration Staff Annihilation Mace Decimation Bow Therm Occult Tome of Fire Corp Spec Divine Arcane Ely Boogie Bow Venenatis Shadow Lord Helmet Treasonous Ring Mystic Smoke Staff Mystic Steam Staff Scorpia Odium Ward Callisto Shadow Lord Platebody Tyrannical Ring Crazy Arch Fedora Malediction Ward Chaos Fanatic Malediction Ward Vet’ion Shadow Lord Platelegs Ring of the Gods Chaos ele KBD KBD Heads KBD Gloves KBD Chain KBD plate KBD Helm KBD Boots Black Dragon Wings KQ Primal Spear Primal Rap Primal Warhammer Primal Helm Primal Top Primal Bottom Primal Shield Dag Kings Zerker Ring Warrior Ring Seers Ring Archers Ring Dragon Axe Barrelchest Anchor Granite Shield Granite Body Granite Helm Granite Legs Void Champ Helm Robe Top Robe Bottom Korasi Nightmare Full Grotseque Armor Frostbite Perk Solak Full Sirenic Penguin Justicar Heart Harambe Idk Raids: Chambers of Xeric T-Bow Dragon Claws Ancesteral Top Ancesteral Bottom Ancesteral Hat Dragon Hunter Crossbow Elder Maul Dinh's Bulwark Twisted Buckler TOB: Gharzi Rapier Scythe of Vitur Sang Staff Avernic Defender Justicar Helmet Justicar Top Justicar Bottom Trials of Xeric Full Torva Full Virtus Full Pernix Zaryte Bow
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