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  1. Hey everyone, here is some information for our most recent content update, it's a big one for sure! **UPDATED 9.17.2020 WITH 20 NEW ITEMS!! THE UPGRADE MACHINE UPGRADEABLE ITEMS: Normal Justiciar Pieces ---> Blood Justiciar Pieces Supreme Void Pieces ---> Sirenic Pieces Blood Twisted Crossbow Skin ---> Blood Twisted Bow Skin Abyssal Whip ---> Abyssal Tentacle Abyssal Tentacle ---> Abyssal Whip (blood) **NEW Twisted Bow ---> Superior Twisted Bow Superior Twisted Bow ---> Blood T Bow **NEW Blood Twisted Bow ---> Seren Bow **NEW Seren Bow (Perk skin added) ---> Owner's God Bow **NEW Abyssal Whip (Blood) ---> BloodKnight Whip Infernal Staff (i) ---> Sanguinesti Staff Dominion Crossbow -> Twisted Crossbow Scythe of Vitur ---> Blood Scythe of Vitur Boogie Bow ---> Blood Boogie Bow Zamorak Godsword (or) ---> Kril's Swords Primal Rapier ---> Ghrazi Rapier Gem of Fortune ---> Gem of Dwarves 50% chance!! **NEW Gem of Dwarves---> Gem of Hazelmere 50% chance!! **NEW Ring of Wealth ---> Ring of Wealth (i) 50% chance!! Ring of Fortune---> Ring of Fortune (i) 50% chance!! Ring of Fortune (i) ---> Ring of Dwarves 50% chance!! Ring of Dwarves---> Ring of Dwarves (i) 50% chance!! Ring of Dwarves (i)--->Hazelmere's Ring 50% chance!! Hazelmere's Ring --->Hazelmere's Ring(i) 50% chance!! **NEW Fire Cape ---> Infernal Cape Slayer Key (Tier 4) ---> Infernal Key Turmoil Mystery Box ---> Blood Mystery Box Mystery Box ---> Blood Mystery Box Coloured Party Hats ---> Light Blue Sparkling Party Hat Lava Party Hat ---> Infernal Party Hat Infernal Party Hat ---> Fire Party Hat Ancient Sword ---> Etheral sword **50% CHANCE!! **NEW Etheral Sword ---> Owner's sword **NEW Torva set armour pieces ---> Third-age corrupted Torva set **NEW + MORE ITEMS ARE BEING ADDED! We will be updating this list as we add more items, feel free to share any upgrade ideas via the Discord #Suggestions channel!
  2. ZALCANO IS HERE! New home boss just east of the home city near the grand exchange lies Zalcano.. learn his mechanics and become rich off his various loot including skilling materials and rare boxes with amazing prizes! ~Bonus XP Events will now occur every 1-2hours ~We also have a new client launcher please for the last time download the client at http://turmoilrsps.com/Turmoil.jar or from the discord here as it will now Auto Update everytime it launches. Thank you! ~You will no longer lose items in death while safe pvming like godwars or home boss, but you will still lose items on death in Wilderness, revs, deep revs, and wildy bosses. && In other news Happy Valentines Day!! Login today for a custom valentines day exclusive pet and valentines mystery box! Happy to see you soon
  3. Pvm Updates: - You can now teleport directly to your slayer task monster! -Simply click on the slayer skill icon in the skills to be teleported to your task! - Requirements for ice strykes have been removed. - Ranged Prayers damage % boost increased to make ranging more effective. -Eagle eye from 15% to 20%. -Rigour from 20% to 25%. - Void gear + Supreme Void gear will now be more effective in all forms of combat. -Can be obtained via Pest Controll Minigame. - Revenant's drops have been buffed. -6 new Mystery Boxes have been added to drop table. -Also have added Overloads to the Uncommon drop table. - Twisted Bow is now more effective! -Max hit raised from 47 to 69! (without prayer or potions) -All Twisted Bow's with perks will also have an increased max hit. -Twisted Crossbow is now also effected by this. Skilling Updates: - Clicking the Runescafting skill in the skills tab will now teleport you to the abyss! -Rune essence rocks added on the north side of the castle! - Clicking the Hunter skill in the skills tab will now teleport you to Puro-puro. -You may catch the imps barehanded starting at level 1. -Rewards varrie from Myster Boxes to Donator Points (at higher levels). -Fishing, Woodcutting, and Agility have increased XP rates. Other Updates: - Keys, Boxes, Dragon bones, Superior dragon bones, Overload (4) and regular logs are now stackable. Let me know what other updates you would like to see in our discord!
  4. Solak Solak is a new world boss, offering rewards to every player that fights him, spawning every 10 minutes. Unless using a Seren godbow, Ancient Sword, Barrows Sword, or the Primal weapons; damage is cut in half while fighting this boss. He has 5,000 hitpoints and a max hit of 60 with his melee attack (standing under him causes extra damage) His magic attack has a max hit of 42 Hit range attack has a max hit of 15 His drops include a custom pet Solak, Sirenic armor pieces & Sirenic godbow pieces Sirenic Armor Requires 90 Crafting to create. Tier 90 Range armor, best range equipment in game. Created by using Sirenic scales on Algarum thread, creating it will offer 5,000 charges (full). Uncharging this will remove extra scales and make it tradeable again. Boots and gloves do not need to be recharged once created. Seren Godbow Requires 90 Crafting to create. Tier 90 Range weapon, strongest bow in-game. Does not need arrows to fire. Created by combining the Seren godbow (unf) and the Seren godbow stock. To charge this players will need 100 Sirenic scales which gives 3000 charges (full) to the weapon. Players can remove extra charges anytime in order to make the bow tradeable again. doing so will remove extra scales.
  5. Clue Scrolls 1 step clues to each clue scroll. These clues will either be Co-ordinate, Riddles or Emote clues depending on the clue. There are now Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master clues to be obtained. Easy clues are obtained from low level monsters (Lvl 1-30) Medium clues are obtained from medium level monsters (Lvl 30-75) Hard clues are obtained from higher level monsters (Lvl 75-200) Elite clues can only be obtained from Bosses. Master clues have 2 ways to be obtained: 1 way is to trade an Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite clue to Watson at the home area. The second way is to collect 3 pieces of the master clue scroll dropped by high level monsters (Lvl 200+) All clue scroll information was taken from: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Trails/Full_guide/All Players can dig up to 4 tiles in any direction around the correct position to reveal the rewards New clue scroll items have higher sell values when selling to shops or alching Lvl 1-50 monster drop easy clues, 50-100 drop medium clues, 100-200 drop hard clues, Bosses lvl 200+ drop elite clues rather than a hard clue All bosses have a 1:500 chance to drop 1 of the 3 pieces of the Master clue scroll, combining them will create a full Master clue Elite clue scrolls have been added to the Barrows droptable as an uncommon reward Clue caskets are stackable Watson Players can also speak with Watson at home to exchange clue scrolls Easy, Medium & Hard clues will give an Elite clue Easy, Medium, Hard & Elite clues will give a Master clue New Rewards: Shared Guthix, saradomin, zamorak, armadyl, ancient & bandos dhide shields Easy Shoulder parrot (arrow slot), Jesters cape, Demon feet, Frog slippers, Mole slippers, Bear feet, rune scimitar god ornament kits, sandwich lady outfit, staff of the bob cat, rainbow, ham joint, amulet of defence (t), amulet of power (t), cape of skulls, black platebodies h1-h5, gold trimmed leather top and chaps, monk robes (t) Medium adamant platebodies h1-h5, spiked manacles, wolf mask, wolf cloak, Climbing boots (g) Hard 3rd age plateskirt, Berserker necklace (or) kit, dual sai, thieving bag, rune platebodies h1-h5, rune defender (or) kit, obby maul (or) kit Elite 3rd age sword, 3rd age wand, 3rd age bow, 3rd age cloak, Uri's hat, Giant boot, Freminnik kilt, Rangers tights, gilded pickaxe, gilded axe, gilded spade, gilded dhide, addy + rune dragon masks Master 3rd age druidic robes, 3rd age druidic cape, 3rd age druidic staff, tormented ornament kit
  6. Blood Mystery Box The blood mystery box can be purchased from the bloodmoney shop for 30k bloodmoney each or the donator store for 3 donator tokens each. Players have chances for several unique items such as the Necrolord staff, Bloodknight armor & Dragonfire shield (e). Chaotics reworked ~Chaotic weapons will now have a Chaotic Fury perk which applies a secondary hit for up to 3 hits dealing 50% of the players max hit. ~The Chaotic shield will have a 1:5 chance to activate its Chaotic Force perk, protecting players for 100% of all damage taken. Bloodknight Armor Bloodknight armor is a Tier 72 set of armor with similar stats to the Primal equipment. For each piece equipped, players have chance to syphon 5%, 10% or 15% health from a monster to themselves depending on the amount of armor pieces equipped will determine the chances of siphoning. (1 piece = 1:20, 2 pieces = 1:10, 3 pieces = 1:5 chances). Only obtained in the Blood Mystery Box. The Bloodknight helmet has glowing green particles for its eyes. Dragonfire Shield (e) An upgrade from the Dragonfire shield only currently only obtained from the blood mystery box. Offers a slightly higher defence and strength bonus compared to the dragonfire shield. Provides up to 2x damage when using charges (maximum 50 for dfs e). Provides 25% more protection against dragons breath. Necrolord staff Stats similar to the Chaotic staff Provides a 25% boost in magic damage when fighting undead or corrupt monsters or bosses (Check the guides section of the forums for the list of corrupt monsters) The staff is a 1 handed staff so the boost can be combined with the Tome of Fire (50% boost towards magic spells) Pet Mystery Box The pet mystery box has a chance for tons of pets from slayer pets to boss pets and also a few exclusive pets only found in the box!
  7. We have a unique custom starter training dungeon, the Starter Dungeon. Players can enter the new Starter Dungeon by clicking the teleport in "Monster teleports" via the teleport interface Once there, you can speak with the guide and he will explain everything from where to begin, to monster drops and perks for items. There are 5 tiers of monsters, each stronger than the last and offering better drop rates the higher level you fight. Weapons -Flamburst weapons of fury: has a 1:10 chance to activate fury for 2-5 hits. during this time, the monster will take 3-9 damage every 2-4 ticks -Flamburst weapons of grace: has a 1:10 chance to block 25% of incoming damage and project it back onto the monster -Flamburst weapons of nature: has a 1:10 chance to activate nature for 3-6 hits. during this time, the player is healed for 2-6 health every 2-5 ticks Armor *Buffs only work while wearing the correct weapons!* -Occult armor of fury: Gives a Buff to fury weapons, causing active fury to hit 3-6 times and do 4-12 dmg every 1-3 ticks -Occult armor of grace: Gives a Buff to the grace weapons, adding +10% blocked damage and +10% damage sent back at the monster (35% total) -Occult armor of nature: Gives a Buff to nature weapons, Healing the player for 3-8 health each time Wings + Cape Fury, Grace and Nature wings will offer players a 5% boost towards prayer XP gains while worn The Occult cape will offer players a 5% droprate increase while worn Elder Mystery box The elder mystery box drops all 3 pairs of wings + the occult cape and is an uncommon drop from all monsters within this dungeon They also have chances to receive Weapon dyes for the weapons found within this dungeon Pets Each monster will have a rare chance to drop 1 of 5 pets (1 for each monster!)
  8. Mercedes

    Dungeon Maps

    These are various maps of dungeons and caves found around Turmoil! To quickly find the dungeon/cave you are looking for you can press f3 or CTRL + F to search the name. **The 🔴 will represent where you will be when you tele into the dungeon/cave. Not seeing your dungeon? Request it in the comments to complete this thread! Catacombs Stronghold Slayer Cave Relleka Dungeon Slayer Tower Taverly Dungeon Brimhaven Dungeon Revenants: WILDERNESS
  9. Chambers of Xeric Drop Table Guide! There are only three tables; common, rare and very rare. Each have several items. An item listed on the rare tables are not guaranteed at 1/30 or 1/70, that is just the chance to hit that table. Example: Twisted Bow chance: 1/70 to hit the very rare table, then 1/7. (1.43% chance to hit very rare table, 0.2% chance to get Twisted Bow Specifically) Rates: Rare - 1/30 Very Rare - 1/70 Common Drops: Death Rune Blood Rune Soul Rune Rune Arrow Dragon Arrow Grimy Toadflax Grimy Ranarr Grimy Irit Grimy Avantoe Grimy Cadentine 3052 Grimy Kwuarm Grimy Lantadyme Grimy Dwarf Weed Grimy Torstol Silver Ore Coal Gold Ore Mithril Ore Adamantite Ore Runite Ore Uncut Sapphire Uncut Emerald Uncut Ruby Uncut Diamond Lizardman Fang Pure Essence Clue Scroll Rare Drops: Staff of Light Elder Chaos Top Elder Chaos Robe Elder Chaos Hood Twisted Buckler Dragon Sword Ancestral Robe Bottom Dragon Harpoon Dragon Thrownaxe Very Rare Drops: Twisted Bow Dragon Claws Kodai Wand Dinh's Bulwark Dragonhunter Crossbow Ancestral Hat Ancestral Robe Top A custom set of Xeric's is also on Raids 1 droptable (Chamber of Xeric) This armor has slightly lower defensive bonuses than the Justiciar's armor(minus the defensive perk) BUT provides no negative magic or range bonuses The armor requires a defence level of 75 to wear This armor also provides a 10% dmg increase while within the Chamber of Xeric OR Trials of Xeric raids.
  10. Shooting stars Players can now mine Shooting stars which crash every 30-90 minutes. When the star crashes, the location will be announced to the whole server. Shooting stars offer some of the best XP gains while mining + is very rewarding. Players can exchange 300 Stardust(May be adjusted depending on player feedback) for Stargaze boxes which have chances to give them some unique items: Stargaze rings There are 3 kinds of Stargaze rings. These rings provide stats comparable to the Dagganoth Rings (i). These rings will provide a droprate increase + Dmg increase for Wyrms. Starsprite Pickaxe This pickaxe will mine rocks at a faster rate than all current pickaxes in game. It will provide a 3% boost to XP while mining. Stargaze perk box Use this item on the Crystal pickaxe to create the Stargaze pickaxe. Stargaze Pickaxe This pickaxe will mine rocks at the same rate as the Crystal pickaxe. It will provide a 6% boost to XP while mining. Pet Star sprite While mining the star with either a Starsprite or Stargaze pickaxe, players have a 1:500 chance to find a pet star sprite when breaking through to a new layer. This pet will provide a 5% XP boost while mining.
  11. Nightmare Nightmare is a new boss that will require a team to defeat. This boss is not safe you will lose items upon death. He currently has the most HP of any boss with 10,000 HP. Players must deal at least 500 damage to receive a reward. When Nightmare is defeated, all players attending will receive a Nightmare key to open the Nightmare chest. He will respawn every 5 minutes in the same location and is not considered an Event boss. The Nightmare boss has 3 attack types in total. First his main attack is a magic attack that will hit a max of 5 players per attack, randomly changing to 5 new players after each attack. There is a 10% chance that the Nightmare will do a jump attack, dealing massive damage to all players under the boss before jumping back to his original position. You cannot pray against this jumping attack. Players are able to dodge this! Once the boss reaches 5,000 Health, he will begin opening rifts under players, causing damage due to the vortex if they do not move. Droprates: Common 50%, Uncommon 49%, Rare 5%, Very Rare 1:1000 (0.1%) While wearing a full set of Ancient armor (from the Event Boss drops) players will receive a Mystery box after each kill similar to the Event Bosses AND Rare drops from Nightmare are increased to 1.5% (50% higher chances) per kill. While wearing Grotesque armor, Range damage is increased by 2% per piece (6% total) while fighting Nightmare. Players will also receive 5-10 purple sweets per kill. Noteable Drops: • Grotesque armor (Rare) • Master Wand (Uncommon) • Grotesque frostbite perk (Rare) • Boogie Bow (Very Rare) • Turmoil Imp (Very Rare) • Nightmare pet (1:500) What's New Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast is now considered a Demon (added to the list of demon ID's) These weapons will not have damage cut while fighting the Corporeal Beast: Zamorak Spear, Zamorak Hasta, Arclight, Sire drops (Annihilation, Decimation, Obliteration), Obliteration (Blood), Deathtouch darts. *For those who don't know, you can make an Arclight by using a Darklight + 3 shards at the altar within the Catacombs! (these items are randomly obtain within the catacombs from all monsters)*
  12. Barrows The barrows sword now has a 25% damage boost to all undead and corrupt monsters (1:250 Droprate from barrows) All items have their original armor Perks (example: Dh hitting depending on HP/Str lvl) Cursed Barrows equipment will do 10% Bonus damage to undead or corrupt monsters while wearing the full set Upgraded armor stats compared to regular versions: Armors: +2 Defence (Veracs +1 Prayer) Weapons: +5 str for melee based (+10 for dh axe) +5 range bonus for karils crossbow +5 magic bonus for ahrims staff
  13. Yearly Mimic Boss ***This boss is a bit different than others. you will need to talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien at home to receive some special weapons to fight him! Players can obain the Anger staff, Anger mace, Anger sword and Anger battleaxe to fight the boss. The boss is fairly weak to allow all players to fight him and has a Melee and Magic attack, both maxing a 10. He also has a special attack that will turn players into a Monkey and immobilizing them for a period of time. These weapons will deal massive amounts of damage to this boss only This boss has 50,000 HP so regular weapons will not be the best choice when fighting him. Drops for this boss will consist of Event mystery boxes, awarded to all players with a 1:10 chance to receive 2x event mboxes when killed. The boss will also drop a mini version of itself at a 1:50 drop rate and will also be obtainable from the Event mboxes. Lucidum Armor (T70) This armor set comes in 8 colors and is only obtainable from the event mbox. Stats are comparable to Barrows equipment with slightly more Prayer. Elymas Staff (T70) The Elymas staff comes in 9 colors and is only obtainable from the event mbox. This staff has stats slightly above the Ahrim's staff and also offers a Prayer bonus. Elymas Cape The Elymas cape stats are just below the Infernal cape but offers a higher prayer bonus This cape is very rare and has a base sell value of 200M in the general store Twisted jester hat Only obtainable from the Event mbox. has a chance to perform 1 of 3 perks: bleeding, stunning and curse
  14. Infernal Keys Infernal keys can be created using their pieces on each other, and are dropped from npc's all over. They can also be bought in the donator store for 15 tokens each. They can be used to open the infernal chest at home in the Northeast corner of the edge castle courtyard. Here is a example of what you could get from 10 infernal keys. (minus the 100k donator tokens) Dragon Hunter Boxes Dragon Hunter boxes can be received as a drop from Enraged Graardor or bought from the Donator Shop ingame for 6 tokens each. Here is a example of the possible loot from 100 Dragon Hunter Boxes as well as all the possible rares. Regular Mystery Box These can be bought at the ingame donor store for 1 token each and following is a example of what you could expect out of 10 of them. Also a picture of all the possible rares below that. There is also a 1:200 chance out of them for Bloodhound pet and a 1:10 chance if you get gp that it will be doubled. Turmoil Mystery Box The Turmoil Mystery Box can be bought for Vote Points in our ::vote shop ingame, 5 Donator Tokens at the ingame donator store, as well as a super rare chance of being dropped at any npc ingame combat level 60 or greater. The following is a example of what you could get opening 14 Mboxes as well as all of the possible rare items inside! Raid Mystery Box The Raid mystery box currently can only be obtained via the ingame donor store and the vote store. The following is a example of what you could get opening 14 Raid Mboxes as well as all of the possible rare items inside!
  15. Mercedes


    Slayer keys are dropped by monsters you are slaying while on task. They can be used on the slayer chest at home near our slayer masters! They are dropped in the following rates: (Drop rate does not affect their drop rate or chest items rate) Tier 4: 1:100 Tier 3: 1:100 Tier 2: 1:100 Tier 1: 1:150 Also sirenic scales can drop from slayer monsters with a combat level of 80 or higher; chance for this is also 1:150. Here is a example of the loots from 14 of each type of key! !REMINDER! YOUR RATES AND ITEMS CAN BE DIFFERENT BASED ON HOW YOU ROLL FOR EACH ITEM, THIS IS JUST A EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU COULD GET FROM EACH KEY. YOU COULD GET MORE OR LESS LUCKY. TIER 4: TIER 3: TIER 2: TIER 1: Tier 1 keys: 1:150 chances to receive when killing slayer monsters 1:20 Chance to receive Slayer boots 10% more loot compared to the Brimstone chest rewards 1x Mystery box 500k - 1M Gold 500 - 1000 Bloodmoney 1:20 chance to receive a Turmoil mystery box Tier 2 keys: 1:100 chance to receive when killing slayer monsters lvl 77+ 1:20 chance to receive Slayer platelegs 15% more loot compared to the Brimstone chest rewards 1x Mystery Box 1M - 2M Gold 1000 - 1500 Bloodmoney 1:19 chance to receive a Turmoil mystery box Tier 3 keys: 1:100 chance to receive when killing slayer monsters lvl 112+ 1:20 chance to receive Slayer platebody 20% more loot compared to the Brimstone chest rewards 1x Mystery box 2M - 3M Gold 1500 - 2000 Bloodmoney 1:18 chance to receive a Turmoil mystery box Tier 4 keys: 1:100 chance to receive when killing slayer monsters lvl 160+ 1:20 chance to receive a Spiked slayer helm 25% more loot compared to the Brimstone chest rewards 1x Mystery box 3M - 5M Gold 2000 - 3000 Bloodmoney 1:15 chance to receive a Turmoil mystery box Each key has a chance for a different piece of the new Slayer armor. This armor will provide stats similar to barrows with 5% damage/accuracy increase on while on a slayer task per piece. The helmet will act as a normal slayer helmet.
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